Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Project 3

We're starting a new project this morning. I'm really excited!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Young Punks

So, wanna see what those two "wet behind the ears" kids looked like? Yikes, we were actually young once.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Man I Married

When you have to "sign in" to get into your own blog you know it's past time to post a new blog. I've been trying all week to write something about Randy. Why should it be so hard to write about somebody I love so much?! On Wednesday we celebrated our 44th Wedding Anniversary, and yesterday was Randy's birthday. Two good reasons to tell the world what a great man he is.

Divorce is such a terrible thing and I always feel sad for those who find out that the spouse they thought was so perfect turned out to be less than they had hoped for. For me, it was just the opposite. I'm honestly so grateful for heavenly guidance. I don't think I was smart enough to realize that when I agreed to marry Randy I was getting WAY MORE than I expected! It's hard for me to express what I think about my sweet husband, but I will share something that I wrote in my journal twenty-nine years ago

"Randy has been going through a challenging time the past few months. I have been thinking today of his many successes. It helps me to see with better perspective what a great man he is.

Successes & Strengths:

1. Passed through teen years without giving in to peer pressures. These days it seems there is something glamorous about having strayed or rebelled and returning. We sometimes forget that having remained faithful and true is still more honorable.
2. Eagle Scout
3. Filled honorable mission. Has to his credit (with Lord's help) several converts who have remained active and faithful and are a strength to the Church.
4. Married ME! In the temple!
5. Graduated from college.
6. Graduated from Law School.
7. Graduated from Library School.
8. Fathered six WONDERFUL children
9. Served as Branch President at BYU, providing strong leadership and counsel to many students.
10. Served on three high councils.
11. Served as Sunday School President.
12. Received Master M-Men Award.
13. Nominated to Outstanding Young Men of America.
14. Was a successful and beloved seminary teacher.
15. Owns a beautiful home.
16. Musically talented -- much envied for his beautiful singing voice and guitar.
17. Has traveled widely.
18. Always had more friends than he could even foster and nurture. Associated with highest calibre people. Respected and envied by them.
19. Completed extensive scout training, including Philmont and Woodbadge.
20. Skilled with hands. Builds and repairs everything.
21. Very diversified -- known as a person who knows something about everything.
22. Remains calm in crisis and is sympathetic and compassionate. The children always prefer Daddy when ill or injured."

Now, that was written in 1982 when we'd only been married 15 years and before I realized what a Giant he is. He's magnified every gift and talent, served in incredible ways, and exceeded all my expectations. I'm trying very hard to hold onto his shirt tail!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Feeling Bad

I guess everybody has days like this. We had one this weekend. We totally forgot to attend a going away get together for someone in the ward. But I did remember to make the ten dozen dinner rolls for a friend's wedding reception, and we did remember to go to another reception, feed the missionaries, and make homemade ice cream for Randy's home teaching family, so we're not total losers yet!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Glass Harp

A friend sent me this link to hear a glass harp. Since my granddaughter, Emily, plays the harp that caught my attention. I expected to see a harp made of glass. I found this really inspiring. I can imagine that Mr. Tiso has had to practice at least as long and hard as someone who plays it on a real harp. Check it out.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hats Off to Lefties

Today is International Left-Handers Day. If you are a lefty, here are some reasons you rock:

Only 10-15% of the people on the planet are left-handed.
Many presidents (Obama), inventors (Bill Gates) and celebs (Oprah) are left-handed.
You never have to worry about left-handed equipment (i.e. scissors) selling out.
You can always count on getting special table-seating considerations.
People like me are always amazed at the things you have learned to do (like writing, eating, crocheting). It looks so awkward and un-natural to me.

Hats off to all you Lefties! But please, try to pick a hat less ridiculous than this one!

Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Official

Just returned from ten days in Kennewick, Washington. Yes, I got to help Travis and the boys with the 29 hour drive from Chicago. Britt (and her big belly) got to fly, making it possible for me to be the chief sandwich maker, snack passer outer, movie projectionist, and potty assistant for the trek.
So glad to get to go and to see where this cute little family will make their new home. What a wonderful place to live, but oh so far away!
And how official is this?