Thursday, May 17, 2012

Amateur Electrician at Work

My twelve-year-old granddaughter, Natalie, is an interesting study in multiple talents combined with uber humility.  She cooks, she sews, she crafts, she's an amazing soccer player, she draws, she babysits.  A few years ago while I was babysitting for Randy and Judianne we attended a pot luck soccer team party.  Natalie made these scrumptious "from scratch" sweet rolls.  Everyone was drooling over them, smacking their lips and asking who made these heavenly rolls.  Then they would look around at all the adults (who were not raising their hands) and never even notice the cute little blonde in the soccer outfit with just one finger raised in acknowledgement.

While Randy and his family were here a few weeks ago he pointed out that all my switch plates had been changed to bright white, but the "guts" had not been replaced and didn't look very good.  He offered to change them out for me.  Late the last night (before a very early morning departure) he set about to do his work while the rest of us watched a video.  I was somehow not surprised when I came upstairs and found Randy and Natalie busily working away, but I was surprised that Natalie was so interested in how to do it that Randy had taught her how to do it and she was working independently.  Chalk up one more talent, Nat!


ellen said...

I just got home from a visit to them -- you have delightful grandkids!

Kristin said...

Way to go Natalie! I have always thought that she was one to watch--one that was going to really surprise us as she got older, more mature, and more confident. She is amazing!

Mac said...

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