Monday, December 1, 2008

Blessing Day

Yesterday was Burke's big day. He was given a beautiful blessing by his daddy and his name, Burke William, became an official part of the church records. Grandpa was able to stand in the circle and he said that during the blessing Burke had the sweetest smile on his face. Travis and Britt invited two of their neighbor families to come and it was a great meeting for non-members to attend.

Today is my last day to spend here in Columbus. I've done laundry, cleaned the house, and the Christmas decorations are up. Tomorrow I fly to Boston to visit Randy and Judianne and their family.
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andrea said...

He's gorgeous! I'm glad you got to be there and experience that with Travis and Britt and their beautiful family.

ellen said...

I hope you can drop by and see my condo and quilt while you're in Beantown!

Aprilyn said...

I bet it was a wonderful time. I'm glad you got to spend time with your family and be there for the blessing. I hope you find all well in Boston.

Willy Happy Mama said...

Ooo so cute! I hope you'll post pix of Randy and Judiann's family. I have't seen them in ages.

Kristin said...

What a handsome line-up of grandsons you have there.

Enjoy the rest of your travels!

Deepa said...

Have a great time,Judy..
Your grandson is absolutely gorgeous!!